Reality hives

The light on my face illuminated from the phone held in my hand making it feel like a sunny day as I make myself present in the world of social media to manifest my existence, I feel like the moon, I’m existing but I need the sun to be seen in this post moderate world. […]

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Let’s be connected with your laughing emojis and long streaks. Let’s connect at different places with a thread of tweets. We’re connected by watching each others documented moments in stories and pictures with captions and hashtags. We are connected, so lets not meet. #letsbefriends

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Empty thoughts;

Living in a world where pessimistic thoughts blinds your view of the broader reality, Where perspectives and claims are made from the fake news provided from the scrolls of pages present in your news feed, Where opinions are only loud on the comments section of virtual reality that has become the best form of reality […]

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